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Reinventing itself.

To remain true to yourself, you have to be open to change. The Beetle has outgrown its playful curves and is now more distinctive, athletic and self-assured.

Independent and brimming with confidence.

Some cars are instantly recognisable due to their independent character. The Beetle is clearly one of them.

  • Exterior

    More progressive. More prominent. More grown-up. The Beetle has spread its wings for the 21st century and now boasts a more self-assured road presence. Its proportions give it a far more masculine, flatter (12 mm) and wider (84 mm) appearance. Its silhouette – with an extended bonnet, a more steeply angled windscreen set further back and a flat roof line – injects it with an unprecedented dynamism, similar to that of a sporty coupé. Whereas the circular headlights, more powerfully contoured flanks and the more rounded roof transitions take their cue from the classic Beetle outline, the new Volkswagen DNA is plain to see in details such as the tail lights, the air intake underneath the bumper and the flat lines traced by the bottom edges of the bonnet and boot lid.

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  • Interior

    Inside, the Beetle pays homage to its roots: a compact instrument cluster with an eye-catching round dial in the centre evoke memories of the classic Beetle. Air vents and state-of-the-art infotainment features have, of course, been seamlessly integrated into the dashboard. One thing hasn’t changed though: the high-quality finish of the materials used.

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  • Panoramic sunroof

    The predecessor’s optional sliding/tilting sunroof has been developed into a sophisticated panoramic glass sunroof for the Beetle. What makes it really special is that the transparent surface area has been increased by 90 percent, flooding the interior with light at the same time as offering breathtaking views. The panoramic glass sunroof is furthermore tinted and heat-insulated so that it reflects 99 percent of UV rays and 92 percent of heat, ensuring a pleasant interior climate.

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  • Red Volkswagen Beetle wheels


    From the standard 17-inch alloy wheel in “Spin” design to the optional exclusive 19-inch light-alloy wheel from Volkswagen R GmbH, the diverse range of wheels for the Beetle offers something for everyone – from retro fans to sports enthusiasts to individualists. There are three enticing wheel rim designs to choose from in all. The highlight in the range is the sporty and elegant “Tornado” wheel in 19-inch format featuring a black machine polished surface.

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The optional Beetle R-Line equipment package.

A confident presence: the Beetle shows off its sporty side with the R-Line equipment.

  • Enjoy a sporty ambience. With the optional R-Line interior package.

    Pure athleticism – the uncompromising dynamic details of the R-line Interior package lend a unique sporty feel to the interior of the new Beetle.

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Assuming responsibility

The Beetle knows exactly where its help is required: it enhances safety on every journey with intelligent driver assistance systems – just like a responsible grown-up should do.

  • Hill hold

    The Hill Hold function on the Beetle comes to your aid during everyday driving as standard. It governs the starting torque when pulling away on an uphill gradient and interacts with the hydraulic brake assist and the transmission control to prevent the vehicle from rolling backwards by applying the brakes. The Hill Hold function makes stalling the engine a thing of the past too.

  • ParkPilot

    A tight parking spot with no-one to guide you in? With the ParkPilot, you’ll have all the support you need. It might lack the human touch, but it is highly reliable, employing sensors in the front and rear bumpers to alert you to any obstacles by means of both acoustic signals and, depending on the radio system, visual signals too. As you draw closer to the object, the tone’s frequency quickens, eventually swelling into a continuous tone once the distance drops below 30 cm. And should you ever prefer to have someone guide you in after all, it is perfectly simply to silence the ParkPilot system too.

Finding inner calm.

Once you know where you are headed, you can just relax and enjoy the drive there. And that’s something which is made all the more pleasurable by the infotainment systems aboard the Beetle.

  • Radios

    Equipped with a high-quality resolution touchscreen which allows you to control the built-in 6-disc CD changer, the MEDIA In with iPod/iPhone adapter cable, as well as the AUX-IN port with the greatest of ease, the Beetle is best equipped for enjoying your favourite music. And no matter how fast you are travelling too, as the radio system automatically adjusts the volume to the current speed. Not only that, but Beetle offers the mobile phone preparation which is easy to operate using convenient voice control as well It is possible to play back music files stored in the mobile phone using the Bluetooth connection.

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  • Navigation system

    The “RNS 510” radio/navigation unit is a truly multitalented device thanks to its combination of the latest tuner and a highly-accurate navigation system. And with its intuitive touchscreen, it’s child’s play to use too. It includes a host of practical functions to keep you perfectly relaxed en route to your destination, including an easy-to-understand 3D bird’s-eye map view. It can additionally be operated by voice control and boasts both a high-quality DVD player and a built-in 30-GB hard disk.

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  • Fender® Sound.

    Whenever top names from any field come together to pool their expertise into a joint project, great things can be expected. But when those names are Fender and Volkswagen, something very special is in store. Cue the Fender audio system, which is available exclusively for the new Beetle. At its heart is a 10-channel amplifier with class AB output stages and a total output of 400 watts. For a supremely rich sound there are two tweeters with top-of-the-range fabric domes, two woofer speakers with a dual voice coil and two with a single coil, plus a subwoofer with dual voice coil as an enclosed bass unit in the boot.

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Passing on experience

It has gathered decades of experience, which you can now reap the benefit of: the Beetle has renewed strength and vitality, and can capitalise on its technical assets.

  • The new additional instrument console.

    Three tubes placed in the middle that are destined to become indispensable: the standard additional instrument console available in trimlevels SE & SEL, for the Beetle provides you with specific vehicle data to further heighten the sense of driving pleasure. A quick glance is all it takes to check the current oil temperature (left tube) or the turbocharger boost pressure (right tube). And if you should ever wish to put your sporty driving skills to the test, the round dial in the centre incorporates a multifunction stopwatch.

  • Dual-clutch gearbox (DSG)

    More economical than a conventional manual gearbox and with no interruption in power flow. For a truly dynamic driving experience in the Beetle. The innovative 6-speed DSG dual-clutch gearbox from Volkswagen unites the sportiness of a manual shift with the ease and convenience of an automatic. What’s more, you have the choice of two drive modes: Normal and Sport. In Sport mode, the DSG holds on to the gears for longer, as well as shifting down earlier as necessary.

  • Engine

    Powered by an all-new 2.0L turbo and 155 kW/210 hp TSI engine, the new Beetle offers a powerful driving experience. The TSI engine is particularly economical too as it applies the proven downsizing principle. Reducing the engine size in combination with supercharging is currently one of the most effective means of saving fuel. Best of all, the drive units generate abundant power despite their relatively small displacements.

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