, 2019-05-09 00:05:56

Assistance systems

Driver assistance

Technologies that take the hard work out of driving.

Parking and manoeuvring

Helping you park easily and safely

We have a range of advanced systems to help you park and manouevre your car easily and safely. From the easy-to-use electronic parking brake and Auto hold function, to rear view camera, parking sensors and Park Assist, you'll find it a breeze to stop and park your Volkswagen with minimum effort.

Assistance Technology

Taking the hard work out of driving.

Technologies such as power assisted steering and cruise control take the hard work out of driving, especially on long motorway hauls. Power assisted steering adapts your steering to suit your speed - whether you're slowing down to park or out on the open road - for easier and more comfortable driving. While the cruise control system works electronically to offers you more comfort on long journeys by keeping your car at a constant, correct speed.

Proximity sensing

Keeping your car safely on track.

Advanced sensing systems such as Automatic Cruise Control (ACC), Side Scan and Lane Assist help keep your car safely in the right place on the road at all times. These technologies are especially helpful on long motorway journeys. They keep you a safe distance from the car ahead, warn you of approaching traffic before changing lanes, and stop your car drifting out of your correct driving lane. It's like having a friendly co-driver in the car with you.