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Volkswagen Smart Solutions.
Tailored financing for you.

Volkswagen Smart Solutions

Volkswagen Smart Solutions has been created with the mission to provide you with a unique and innovative automotive experience by offering wide-ranging financial products and services that deliver superior value and satisfaction.

Our selection of financial products will help you get behind the wheel whether you are a private individual or a company.

Benefits include:
  • Choose among the various Volkswagen-approved financial products specifically tailored to suit your needs.
  • Your monthly payments are fixed to avoid any surprise and give you peace of mind all along your finance agreement.
  • Dedicated & professional bank representative to assist you and make your finance application a hassle-free experience.
  • One-stop-shop. Get all your finance enquiries sorted in one place: your Volkswagen showroom.
  • Strict data protection policy, because we know privacy is important.
Solutions program:
This plan is designed to provide you with a flexible way to own a Volkswagen or drive a new model every 2 years. By deferring the end value to a final payment, you will no longer have to forward plan your next Volkswagen.

Highlights of our offering:

  • 2 year finance program
  • Low monthly instalments
  • Guaranteed buy back available
  • Peace of mind ownership
  • Get a new car every two years
At the end of your agreement, you can choose from 3 options that give you the flexibility to select the one which is most suitable for you.
Option 1 – Volkswagen Part exchange
Volkswagen Smart Solutions gives you the opportunity to part exchange your current vehicle and drive a new one every 2 years. Any equity can be used as a down payment on your next Volkswagen purchase.
Option 2 – Hand back the vehicle
Your Volkswagen Centre gives you the option of handing your Volkswagen back, in line with the conditions of the Buyback contract.
Option 3 – Keep the vehicle
Simply pay or re-finance the Buyback Payment, which is equal to the outstanding amount with the bank. The vehicle is then yours to own.
Conventional Finance
This is a simple but highly-flexible option, which allows you to spread payments over a specific period. Simply pay the required down payment on your chosen Volkswagen, and then make fixed monthly payments to Volkswagen Smart Solutions over an agreed term to pay off the remaining balance. At the end of the agreement you will own the vehicle.
Benefits include:
  • Choose a repayment period between 12 and 60 months
  • Competitive fixed interest rate makes budgeting easier
  • Comprehensive Loan Protection
  • Credit amount up to 80% of the vehicle price
Murabaha Auto Finance
We understand that your values are precious. That is why we are proud to propose to you our Islamic Banking product with all the features and benefits that you expect, without having to compromise on your principles.
Benefits include:
  • Shari’a-compliant auto finance based on Islamic principles
  • Enhanced Auto Protect credit life Takaful that provides complete peace-of-mind
  • No interest charged, predetermined competitive profit rates
  • Credit amount up to 80% of the vehicle price
All financial solutions are underwritten by authorized Providers of Volkswagen Smart Solutions who offer credit and lending facilities to Volkswagen customers. All finance is subject to approval. Written quotations may be provided on request.